Sealing is done on all asphalt areas as a protective layer against the elements, however it needs to be done at the right time. By using a professional such as Plymouth Asphalt Contractors, we are able to provide professional advice on when and how frequently your asphalt areas are required to be sealed to ensure the protection and longevity of your asphalt areas. Here we explain the benefits of an asphalt seal coating and when these are required to be applied to your surfaces.

Protective Qualities

A seal coating is applied to all asphalt surfaces where the owners are looking to get a good lifespan out of their asphalted area. Of course our clients always have the option of opting out of this, but this is something that we would strongly advise against. By opting not to have a seal coating applied to your asphalt, you are leaving it exposed to the elements and increasing the chances of cracking and deterioration to occur much quicker than it would if a seal coating was applied on a regular basis. A seal coating helps to bond the asphalt together, providing greater strength and protection of your investment in asphalt.


The application of a seal coating is generally quite straightforward as it is a liquid being coated on top of a porous material. Our team of professionals at Plymouth Asphalt Contractors use a high quality sealer paired with our industry specialized equipment to provide our clients with a professional finish of their seal coating. This will leave their asphalt areas looking clean cut and provide a good level of protection that comes through professional knowledge and understanding.


It is important that you maintain the seal coating on your asphalt as this will wear away over time and leave your asphalt areas exposed. Dependent on the quality of the seal coating, application method used and exposure to the elements, a coating could be required more or less frequently. This could range anywhere from once a year to every five years. Our team of experts will be glad to provide you with advice on how often your individual asphalt areas will require a recoating application to ensure the are maintained to a high standard and kept strong.

Professional Advice

Being the experts in the industry, we know all the ins and outs of sealcoating and what is required to ensure that it is done correctly. For example, a sealing coat is never applied to freshly laid asphalt as it will affect the curing process of the asphalt and can cause other issues. We have a wealth of knowledge on everything related to asphalt, which is information we are always glad to share with our clients if they are interested in hearing about it. We understand that each individual person has their own areas of expertise and interests and that it is not possible to know everything, which is why we take pride in being the experts in this industry and provide help to our clients.