Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is a method that is used to fill out the cracks in your pavement before they turn into larger and more troublesome issues. As asphalt is a softer material, it is natural for cracks to occur and we highly recommend that these are treated in a timely manner so that they do not worsen and cause the need for complete resurfacing. Our team at Plymouth Asphalt Contractors have all the skills and equipment required to carry out these works quickly and thoroughly so that you can get back to enjoying your property.

Crack Assessment

When we are called out to a project to complete crack repairs, we always conduct a brief inspection to ensure that there are no underlying issues that could be causing excessive cracking to your asphalt area. Occasionally tree roots can work their way to the asphalt area and cause cracking, which is something that we are able to identify and advise our clients of. Having these roots removed will save you the need for continuous crack repairs that are occurring due to these external influences. It is always best to address the cause of the issue rather than continuing to rectify the resulting symptoms.

Crack Repairs and Filling

As the professionals in the industry, our team at Plymouth Asphalt Contractors are fully equipped with the best quality equipment available in our industry to help us in repairing and filling asphalt cracks. Our team members are fully trained and skilled in using this equipment so that they are able to provide our clients with the best service being both quick and thorough. Asphalt has a typically quick rate of drying so that you will be able to use your asphalted areas again and get rid of the trades people at your home.

Crack Sealing

Sealing the cracks that appear in your asphalted area will stop them from progressing and turning into larger cracks that have the potential of causing further damage to your area, resulting in a bigger price tag to have it rectified. Our team of skilled experts are able to promptly fix up and seal any cracking that you have found throughout your asphalt area to ensure that this situation can be avoided for our clients. As this is a natural issue that occurs within asphalt and being our area of expertise we are able to rectify these with a high quality finish that will be hard to see where the cracks had previously been.

Crack Aftercare

As a soft material, asphalt is prone to cracking eventually, but this is something that you are able to keep ahead of with periodic maintenance. A sealing coat should be applied every three to five years to help strengthen the surface and prolong the lifespan of your asphalted area. Our team at Plymouth Asphalt Contractors will be sure to explain to you the after care requirements of your asphalt area based off its location, size and exposure to the elements.