Grading and Excavation

Grading and excavation is the process of preparing the ground for asphalting areas to be created. Our team at Plymouth Asphalt Contractors have all the equipment and machinery required to be able to complete this process for our clients, which means that when they have asphalting works that need to be done, they can have the entire process completed by the one contractor they know and can trust. Here we outline the process that is involved with grading and excavation as well as the installation of new asphalt.

Removal of existing materials

The first step in any grading and excavation task we are assigned is to remove all the existing materials that are located in the area that needs to be worked on. Our team provide complete removal works of these materials so that we have a clean surface to start with. This can mean removing existing driveways and pathways that have been constructed on ground that was unlevel, or sometimes our clients are just looking to add some more depth to their property and need their existing asphalt areas removed to be able to do so.

Land Assessment

More often than not, our team are requested to do grading and excavation works on properties that have a slope that needs to be evened out in order for asphalting works to occur. Our team will provide a land assessment and advise on the best path of action to create a suitable slop that will be easy to work with. If it is for areas that our clients are looking to create steps or layers to the front of their property that is also something that our skilled team at Plymouth Asphalt Contractors are able to assist with and create with precision.

Surface preparation

When we work on surface preparation, the key is in the detail. We ensure that all of our works are completed to a high standard and that the surfaces we provide are flat. This is not only for the benefit of our clients having a clean cut property, but it also makes our work a lot easier when it comes time to install the asphalt in the area. This will also ensure that the asphalting is strong with a solid foundation, rather than one on an uneven surface that will be prone to cracking and damages.

New Asphalt

When completing a new asphalt installation, our team at Plymouth Asphalt Contractors are thorough in their detailed approach, ensuring that the correct method of application is used right through from the preparation of the land through to the final sealing coat that is to be applied. We have a variety of equipment and machinery that assists us through this process and allows us to provide the detailed finishes that we have become well known for. We will always explain to our clients the curing time that is required for their asphalt as well as the aftercare requirements that they will need to provide to ensure longevity.