Our team at Plymouth Asphalt Contractors have worked long and hard to become the go to contractors for Asphalting work in Plymouth, Minnesota. We started out as a small team and have grown as the demand for high quality services in the area grew. We have a strong focus on our customer service and enjoy working with our clients to ensure they have an understanding of what it is that we do, and why we do it. The quality of our work is something that we take great pride in, which is reflected in the workmanship and approach we take when completing a task assigned to us by our clients.

Having worked in the industry for many years we are skilled in our knowledge and application of asphalt in a range of areas, specializing in driveway asphalt. We find that asphalt is a superior product when it comes to outdoor gravel as it is both flexible, durable and easy to repair when it is required. Our brand has become well known throughout Minnesota due to the high quality of our services, attention to detail and customer service. We enjoy working with our clients and providing them with solutions to their homes requirements. Working as a team with people you enjoy makes all the difference and gives us a passion for what we do which is reflected in the projects that we complete. We are a friendly and social group who are here to help with all your asphalting needs.