Resurfacing of asphalt is a service that we provide for our clients when their asphalting is starting to show numerous cracks and is giving their property a run down appearance. The beauty of asphalt is that when cracks occur, it is generally only on the top layer, with the remainder of the asphalt left in good condition. This is what allows us to provide resurfacing works rather than thee requirement of full replacement that can often be needed for concrete areas when cracking starts to occur within them.


Driveways are the most common area our team are requested to complete as a basic property necessity. Although exceptionally durable in the makeup, asphalt is prone to cracks and deterioration over time as it is a soft material. Our team are able to provide resurfacing works with our specialized equipment in a professional and thorough manner to get your driveway crack free and shining again as it did when it was first installed. We always recommend that a sealing coat is applied after resurfacing work and is touched up every few years as it would be with any new installation of asphalted areas.


Although pathways are more resistant to cracking due to the much lighter weight of human traffic rather than vehicles, it is still occasionally required over time due to heat and expansion of the asphalted area. As these areas as much smaller than driveways we are able to complete them quickly without any compromise on the quality of the finish in the end product. When resurfacing we are able to add color to the mix to help you customize the appearance of your property to give it more of a unique feel suited to your personality and style.


When working with our residential clients, we take the time to understand their needs when we are working on resurfacing projects. Sometimes we may see some tell tale signs of external influences that are contributing to the cracks in their asphalt, that we will always advise our clients of so that they can have them rectified and not need to continue wasting money on resurfacing their asphalt areas. We work on all areas of asphalt within residential properties from driveways and pathways through to outdoor patios and garden paths. Whatever your residential asphalting needs, our team are at Plymouth Asphalt Contractors are here to assist.


Not only do we work closely with our residential clients, but we also have a strong base of commercial clients who utilize our services as well. With the high end equipment we use to roll and compress the asphalt surfaces we lay, we are able to complete larger areas for our commercial clients. The use of asphalt is a durable and cost effective way to meet the needs of commercial operations, so naturally is one that our clients have a demand for. Our team are happy to help meet those demands and provide solutions for our commercial clients.